So I thought I better put one of these in here so you don’t have to trawl through other posts to find out exactly what this blog is about.

My name is Florence Kleiner and I am currently 18 years old (as of 5th October 2013). On 8th August 2014 I was diagnosed with AML Leukaemia and I am now undergoing chemotherapy to kill the cancer and cure me so I’m ready to start really living my life once more.

I’ve had to defer my place at uni for a year (what a bummer?!) but look forward to attending the University of York in September 2015 with the promise of completing a degree in Undergraduate Film and Television Production. And I’m not messing around right now. I want it all. I want the film career to die for, and with some hard work and ingenuity on my part, I’m sure as hell going to get it.

So, yeah, I wouldn’t say that I’m all that ambitious…

This blog exists for me to document my journey with Leukaemia through writing, ugly selfies and outrageous videos of me dancing in my hospital room, meagrely trying to burn off the calories I’ve obtained from eating ice cream whenever I want it – (it’s a serious problem).

I’m not going to put any contact details here for fear of random internet people telling my survival rates that I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO KNOW. So if you know me contact me through facebook and stuff, and if you don’t then you might be able to leave comments somewhere…but please keep them considerate and clean, I beg you.

Now that I’ve put you in your place, please enjoy this rather wonderful photo of my face. My sister says I look like a potato in it (a very cute and edible potato I should think).

This was during one of my blood transfusions. Awesomely gross.

This was during one of my blood transfusions. Awesomely gross.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Flo, I found your blog after Dolly Alderton tweeted about it a week or so ago. I must say, despite the shitty situation you have been making me laugh out loud! Please keep writing and updating us with your musings, they’re great and hey, who doesn’t love hearing about the unidentifiable “food” these hospitals provide. Although I pray thee please don’t share any photos (unless of course we will be pleasantly surprised!). I just graduated from the Uni of York this July – I studied English Lit – and my gosh you’re going to have the best time. I’m still under the impression I’m returning this October and am waiting for the moment when it hits me that I actually have to get a job….and pay council tax (?!) and will in fact *not* be returning to York to drink myself into a stupour at Evil Eye (the best bar in the world just you wait). Love, Bella xx


  2. Hi Florence, Just posting this up here to see if it will work. All this internet blogging stuff is amazing to an old fogie like me. Have you looked at Los Colorados yet? Hoping to see you soon. Aunty Bidxx (Patrick says ‘what do you mean, mum, of course it will work…..’)


  3. Florence! You won’t remember me but I remember you as a very tiny person (ask your mum who I am- jules from the shop’s daughter grace). Sure you’ve heard this from a million other people but you are a truly brilliant writer. Reading your blog the words really do jump out of the screen at me. Also I agree with your mum- the more bake off chat the better. I am still reeling from baked alaska-gate. xxx


  4. ⭐️Happy birthday Florence !💐
    Rohan remembers you from your time spent helping out at Broomfield school in the summer . He sends greetings !! You write a funny funny blog about a non funny issue and it’s inspirational .. We are all rooting for you ! Warmest hug


  5. Hello from Los Angeles…Grandma here. My darling Floss. I’ve just read your blog and I think it’s extraordinary. You are a very brave and clever girl. Good to get an update on what’s going on. I’m sending you another card with some Halloween socks. Give my love to Mummy and Daddy. I love you millions. Love, Grandma.


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